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Belly Dance Choreographies

Enrollment is now closed for the Spring semester's selection of khoreographies in preparation for GBDAC 2019.

Our Fall 2019 semester will be announced in late-July for enrollment.

A Word About Spring 2019 Choreographies

It should be no surprise to anyone at Karavan that LIVE MUSIC is a big deal to me. So, with that in mind, it should come as no surprise that every choreography on the schedule for this semester - that will be taught in a standard timeslot – will be performed in GBDAC 2019 to live music! Georges Lammam helped me put together the pieces and will be leading the ensemble in our Saturday show.

There will be two additional choreographies being taught this semester: Ojos Asi by Laura Garza, and Chuck Baby by Suzanne Walker. Those will be performed to recorded music; so that option still exists for those more comfortable with that idea!

The intention is for Karavan students to be able to experience the exhilaration of being on stage with the musicians creating the sound! You may never choose to join Project Band and develop your improvisation skills; but I want to make sure that any student at Karavan has the opportunity to feel the powerful connection that is possible by the team presentation of musicians and dancers! I am hopeful for much more of this in the future!

- Karen

P.S. Because the pieces are LIVE and each contains a taksim, the times have been left off of everything but the drum solo. Don’t worry about it.  : )

Here are the details:

  • Classes run from January through May which includes 21 weeks of classes

  • The exception is Suzanne's class which will be taught in workshop format on first Saturdays starting in February

  • All students enrolled in this semester's khoreography classes receive their Karavan Online subscription for free!

  • Effective Fall 2018, students enrolled in khoreography classes pay for every class on the schedule whether they attend in person or not.

  • Students can choose to pay for the semester in full OR reserve their spot and pay the remaining $10/hour payments at the studio.
Studio Schedule


Tuesdays at 6:00pm

Featuring Georges Lammam on violin and Elias Lammam on accordion. 

This piece is from the Oriental/Occidental CD. Refine your appreciation, understanding and execution of musicality and texture in movement in this choreography – team choreographed and taught by Sara Jouett Martinez and Jessica Watson-Suttles. Their unique, disparate styles will offer the usual lovely dance combinations but also a better awareness of one’s own dance style.  

Jessica and Sara will improvise to violin and accordion taksims in the middle of the piece to drive home the concept! (Int/Adv)


Wednesdays at 6:00pm

Featuring Georges Lammam on violin and Gabriel Navia on guitar.  

This is Georges and Gabriel’s latest recording – just released!!! I will be collaborating with a surprise artist to add a bit more of a Spanish flair than my personal dance vocabulary will allow! Be prepared for a lot of footwork and traveling steps – an area where (IMHO) most “belly dancers” would be wise to focus for a semester. 

This piece includes a violin taksim which will serve as a “mini-lesson” in improvisation for anyone in this choreography. (Int/Adv) – taught by Karen

Naser 2019

Wednesdays at 7:15pm & Fridays at noon

Featuring Georges Lammam on violin and Naser Musa on oud. 

Another recent recording – SO recent that it has not yet been named at the time of this write-up! :-O With violin and oud over a khaligi rhythm, I am using this piece as an opportunity to focus on arms and hands – another area where (IMHO) it would be wise to focus for a while. This piece, of course, includes an oud taksim. I haven’t decided – at the time of this write-up – how I want to handle that. 

Somehow that seems OK since it has no name. 😊  (Beg/Int) – taught by Karen

Roger’s Drum Solo

Mondays at 7:15pm

Featuring Roger Kashou – lead percussionist for the National Arab Orchestra. 

Here’s a drum solo composed just for us and GBDAC 2019! Roger’s intricate, articulate style come to life in this specially requested piece! 

Be ready for everything: a) patterns that start simple and evolve in complexity, b) long, dramatic rolls, c) drum patterns WITH rolls, d) an opportunity to choreograph your own moves to a given pattern, e) dancer interplay, and f-z) more!

Also be ready to get strong! 😊 (ADV) – taught by Karen  (approx. 4:50 in length)

Ojos Asi

( Eyes Like These / Yours )

Sundays at 7:15pm

LED Fire Veil Dance

This Spanish song by Shakira has Middle Eastern elements & a lot of flair. A fire-colored veil will be used by everyone performing this dance. (Purchase of the LED veil is required. They are available on ebay for approx. $50) 

This fun & upbeat dance -with a hint of sultriness- will include traditional belly dance moves plus percussive movement during the tabla playing in the song.  

This dance promised to be hot! (Int level) – taught by Laura.

NOTE: This choreography will not be available on Karavan Online

Chuck Baby

Taught as a workshop series on first Saturdays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm beginning in February.

Learn a series of upbeat quick combos leading to a complete choreography. Combos will include a FUN fusion of Belly Dance & a little Tribal with a taste of New Orleans style "Second Line Handkerchief" Dance.

All levels welcome. - taught by Suzanne